Posted on April 24, 2016

Level 3 options trading

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Did you know that you don’t always have to trade all 4 legs to a box? We will spend some time covering the notion of using vertical relationships toenter or exit an option trade, but we will spend the majority of the session exploring the benefits of the open-ended 3-legged box. There isn’t anoption professional alive that doesn’t know this concept, hence this is a can’t miss lesson! (I think that was close to a triple negative in thatsentence! Ugh!) Level 3 options trading (bonus| )

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How to Use Level 2 While Trading Stocks - Tutorial on Level 2 using Etrade Pro with stock CDOI level 3 options trading trade.

Remember that the settlement period for a stock sale is T+3 (three business days after trade date) . What are the different levels of options trading approval?

To put on a bull call spread, you buy an option at a lower strike price which is always the more expensive option, and sell an option with ahigher strike price which is always the cheaper option. Since you're buying something expensive and selling something cheap, thebull call spread always ends up costing you money (which is called a "debit trade").

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In the Stock Put Credit-Spread Option Program, Vision Advisors will engage in writing put credit spreads. In this spread transaction, both the profitand loss are limited. The spread is the difference between the higher and the lower strike price. This strategy is used when one anticipates that theprice of the underlying stock is likely to move higher or remain in a sideways trading range, but remaining above the strike prices of the spreadtransactions, which will give it the opportunity to decay over time and result in a profitable trade. The reason the transaction is structured as ashort credit spread instead of a naked put is to limit the potential of a loss on the transaction. Having a limited-loss feature also restricts thepotential profit and adds transaction costs, because there are two option positions rather than just one.

How big should you trade? Rather than deciding on an arbitrary number of contracts or on an arbitrary amount of money, the expected P&L swingincorporates your risk tolerance into your trading decisions like no other tool! This lesson will also take a close look at the notion of skew andkurtosis and what they mean to an option trader.

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Remember that the settlement period for a stock sale is T+3 (three business days after trade date) . What are the different levels of options trading approval?

In the Stock Put Writing Program, if a client desires to own shares of stock but also believes that the ownership of that stock should take place at aprice that is lower than the current market price and is willing to wait until a future date, an option strategy can be employed. By writing a putoption at a strike price below the current market price, it will offer the opportunity to potentially own the stock at a lower price by the designatedexpiration date of the option. The put writer receives the premium since he/she has now assumed the risk of loss if the stock moves below the strikeprice. If the stock price drops and the option is exercised, the net put premium will be used to lower his/her net cost on the stock when it ispurchased at the strike price. If the stock does not trade below the strike price by expiration, the option will ultimately expire as worthless andthe net put premium will be the profit on the trade. The put writer will be writing uncovered puts and will not own the actual stocks. It is not theintention of this portfolio to hold any stocks. If an option position is exercised and stock is purchased, it would most likely be promptlyliquidated.

*These examples omit the costs associated with trading options, and you'll need to figure that into your overall returns. At Zecco Trading, optionscommissions are just .95 per trade plus Before anyone gets too excited, we are NOT going to teach you how to be “more right”. Save that for the next infomercial you see. This class focuseson the nuances of indexes and index options. I’ve seen too many traders that learn this stuff only after something really bad has happened to them.Call it preventive maintenance..65 per contract. (Demo level 3 options trading.|)

Vision Advisors will first identify companies that it believes have a strong tendency to trade at or above their current market price (these may bethe same stocks that Vision Advisors uses in its other portfolios). The portfolios seek to achieve trading profits by entering into the short-putoptions trades at higher prices than when the positions are liquidated (closed) or the option positions expire worthless. Of course, an investorshould fully understand that a drop (especially a sudden large drop) in the respective stock price will cause losses on the stock option position and,at times, those losses could be greater than the total potential profit on the option transaction.

Generally, the wider the distance between the strikes the less downside protection you will have if the underlying stock moves against you.But this works both ways. Varying the width between the spread strikes is essentially a trade-off between risk and the amount ofpotential return. The wider the spread between the strike prices, the lower the probability the trade will end up at either themaximum-profit, or maximum-loss levels. That can be good or bad, depending on whether the stock moves for you or against you. Youcan model this out using our P&L calculator.